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Materials :: Thermoplastics :: Phenolic - Hydraulic Seals, Viton Oil Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Orings, Metric Seals


Phenolic Glass Fabric:
Grade 1OG/24: A general purpose grade with excellent low smoke and toxicity performance in fire tests. Good insulator for use in Class F temperatures. High mechanical strength.
Phenolic Paper
Kite Brand: Excellent electrical insulator with low water absorption and good mechanical strength. Can be hot punched. Machines well.
Heron Brand: Characteristics equivalent to Kite Brand but with improved Performance in high humidity or tropical environments.
Swan Brand: Good electrical insulator similar to Kite Brand but available in round rod and solid sections only. Machines well.
Grade 2P/20: Special warm punching grade available in thin sheet form only. Generally similar to Kite Brand.
Grade 1 P/24: Special grade similar to Kite Brand and which also meets flammability Class FV0 requirements with low smoke emission.
Grade 1 P/21: Intermediate electrical grade between Kite Brand and Grade 1 P/ 13.
Grade 1 P/ 1: Low cost, low voltage material with good all round properties. Machines well.
Phenolic Cotton:
Carp Brand: Fine weave high quality fabric grade. Excellent mechanical strength, low water absorption and good electrical properties.
Lynx Brand: Fine weave fabric grade. High mechanical strength, low water absorption and good electrical properties. Machines well.
Vole Brand: Medium weave grade with good electrical and mechanical properties. Machines well and is particularly recommended for threaded components.
Grade 2F/14: Medium weave grade offering good mechanical strength and improved electrical properties.
Whale Brand: Medium weave general purpose grade. Robust and versatile with good electrical and mechanical strength.
Bear Brand: Specially developed for use as a bearing material with water and other lubricants. Medium weave with better electrical properties and lower water absorption than Whale Brand.
Grade 2F/3/PTFE: Medium weave grade with PTFE uniformly distributed throughout Self-lubricating and ideal for dry bearing applications.
Crow Brand: Coarse weave fabric grade giving high impact strength. Good wear characteristics Tough and rugged.
Phenolic Asbestos:
Adder Brand: Asbestos fabric grade. Good chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Low to medium electrical properties. Can operate continuously up to 165°C.
Grade 4A/23: Uses a finer asbestos fabric than Adder. A special curing process gives improved dimensional stability and wear.
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