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Materials :: Thermoplastics :: Vespel® - Hydraulic Seals, Viton Oil Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Orings, Metric Seals


Because of it's broad operating temperature range and high melting point (cryogenic temperatures to 550 degrees Fahrenheit), Vespel® is considered one of the highest performing engineering plastics available.  For the last 2 decades it has been the choice of manufacturing engineers and maintenance managers who are concerned with reliable equipment and reduced down time. Vespel® parts can be found in automobiles, aircraft, business machines and electric devices, etc. Vespel® parts provide:  Wear resistance that can withstand dry pressure velocity values to 300,000 psi-fpm. Broad operating temperature range. Load-carrying capabilities at high temperatures while retaining resistance to creep. Low thermal and electrical conductivity. Machineability without special equipment.
     There are five compositions of SP polyimide resin Vespel® shapes to choose from: SP-1 is the unfilled base resin which provides the maximum physical strength, elongation and toughness and best electrical and thermal insulation properties. SP-21 has 15% graphite, by weight, added to the base resin for low wear and friction. SP-21 has the most physical strength, elongation and toughness of the graphite filled resins. SP-22 has 40% graphite, by weight, added to the base resin that provides increased resistance to wear and friction and has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion. SP-211 has 10% Teflon® resin and 15% graphite, by weight, added to the base resin to provide the lowest coefficient of friction over a wide range of operating conditions. SP-3 has 15% molybdenum disulfide, by weight, added to the base resin to provide the best wear and friction resistance in moisture-free and vacuum environments. In these conditions graphite will actually become abrasive.
     These compositions provide excellent temperature resistance, high wear resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to radiation, extremely low outgassing and relatively ease of machineabilty.
 Available data and MSDS in pdf format [3.35 MB].

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